Sunday 8 September 2013

Writing murder mystery's which sell.

I used to think that a good grasp on reality was enough for me to survive as a writer or doing anything else for that matter, but even an old-timer like me can see the sense in a marketing approach to writing, even if it occasionally goes against the grain. This is especially true when someone like Don McCauley from The Authors Show asks a simple question like - 'What is your book all about?' If some listener is not especially interested in finding the answer out for themselves, they may well be put off by my explanation in the short time there is to describe it. 

My stories are multilayered, with different things happening to often the same people at different times.Whatever aspect of my writing means more to me at the time when the question is actually asked, might well be the wrong one for the listener. I write murder mysteries, but that is absolutely not all, and without fitting into a narrow readers category, I don't think anyone would buy my book, and we all have to eat! Therefore, I don't think that I am a victim of consumerism, but a common pragmatist!

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