Sunday 2 February 2014

Amanda Knox - Is the Italian Judicial System completely floored?

The Italian justice system is governed by power politics and is further distorted by a turf war between the various police authorities. The word vendetta comes to mind when we think of the Mafia and criminals in general, but maybe this has also crept into the Italian justice system itself. The judge in this case refused to read Amanda Knox's plea to the court and to include it in any way during the court hearing. Miss Knox is well on her way to becoming a good lawyer - if she really did write this plea herself - but the fact remains that the case was floored last week, as it was last time and for the reasons that she gave.

We might not particularly like 'Foxy Knoxy,' but that is insufficient reason to lock her away. Lets hope the US authorities refuse to extradite her on the grounds of insufficient evidence, which is surly the guiding factor of a criminal case in the first place. The only winners in this piece of theatre are the newspapers and the various lawyers concerned in the trial, and the losers are the victim and her family, together with the Knox family itself.

It would be very interesting to see what a Europol or New Scotland Yard detective might discover, about an Italian police cover up and their possible tampering of vital evidence. I have made a similar point in my forthcoming novel - An Angel over Rimini. In it, Europol Detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert experiences the same duplicity during his investigations and where he discovers certain troublesome shortcomings with the State Police investigation, of a child abducted from a campsite in Riccione. With certain startling similarities to the Madeleine McCann case, perhaps being a foreigner is seen as the worst crime, in certain Mediterranean countries.

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