Monday 26 August 2013

Greek Property in Evros in Thrace - Albion Balkan Choice

Albion Balkan Choice is a new firm of Property Consultants which operate in the Thracian region. Thrace is an area which is partly in Bulgaria, Turkey and of course in Greece itself.
Due to the general recession in South Eastern Europe property transactions have been down in recent years, but recently because of an upsurge of interest especially in Great Britain - due not only to an increase in property prices in the English South East, but also because of the various 'Baby Boomers' currently reaching retirement age - things are looking up!
Whilst this is happening in the north of Europe, property prices have been dropping in South Eastern Europe, which means that a whole new tranche of would be buyers are looking to Greece and Bulgaria to fulfill their dream of finally becoming a 'lotus eater,' and sitting in the sun.
You may be surprised at what you buy these days and for how much? So have a look at the following website and think of a never ending holiday in beautiful Evros - the Greek National Park and its surrounds.

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