Sunday 25 August 2013

Murder Mystery: Judas Goat - The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery (Four)

I don't really think of a genre when I am writing, because I am more than happy to be me!

I suppose I fit in somewhere between John Le Carre or Graham Green and more modern writers such as Robert Ludlum. Because I write in the English way, my style of writing obviously touches old favorites like Colin Dexter (Morse) and P.D.James (Adam Dalgliesh).

The Cold War and Communism has largely been put on the 'back burner' by novelists these days, because new social threats have emerged. Clearly drugs and money laundering have helped to sustain international arms trading, and organizations such as FARC have become well armed, due to the immense wealth accumulated from the sale of cocaine in America and elsewhere. However, there are still a few Cold War veterans to be found lurking in the background, who continue to carry out their filthy arms trade, a fact which puts many innocent lives at risk around the globe. Thank goodness organizations such as SIPRI exist, in order to keep an eye on this burgeoning threat!

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