Sunday 3 May 2015

50 Great Authors You Should be Reading

Patrick Brigham, author of the crime novel 'Abduction: An Angel Over Rimini', has been chosen as a winner for '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'. Winners will appear in this year's edition of the book. Brigham was chosen through a public voting process.

Crime novels and mystery books are everywhere. Engaging crime novels and good mystery books are fewer in number. Very few address real world political issues, specifically Communism and the Cold War. Patrick Brigham is a prolific mystery novelist and master of the genre. He has recently written three good mystery books, including 'Herodotus – The Gnome of Sofia', 'Judas Goat – The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery' and 'Abduction: An Angel over Rimini'.

Set once more at the end of the Cold War and Communism, his most recent book features the jazz loving, classic car enthusiast and fictional Europol police murder detective, Chief Inspector Michael Lambert. Faced with political intrigue and in order to solve cases which often involve Eastern Europe, he genuinely needs to understand how an old Communist thinks, during the course of his investigations.

There are few good books on the subject of international crime, especially mystery stories which delve into the shady side of politics. There are also few mystery novelists, who are prepared to address the thorny political issues of arms dealing and money laundering and people trafficking in their mystery crime fiction.

"I was pleased to be chosen this year," Brigham stated, "because I felt that I had matured as a writer and that Abduction: An Angel over Rimini, somehow deserved to be recognized, bearing in mind the actual subject matter. Clearly about the abduction of a little English girl on vacation in Rimini, it also introduces the reader to the horrors of people trafficking and illegal immigration. Not only are these poor unfortunates trafficked illegally, but they also bring terrorism with them and Al Quada in particular, because, one criminal activity supports the other."

Patrick Brigham does not just write about these situations. He has lived them. He was the Editor in Chief of The Sofia Western News, the first English Language news magazine in Bulgaria, between 1995 and 2000.

As a journalist, he witnessed the changes in this once hard core communist country and personally knew most of the political players, including the old Communist Dictator Todor Zhivkov and his successors Zhelev and Stoyanov, but these days as an author, he concentrates on writing good mystery books often revealing diplomatic and political intrigue.

"It is no longer smart to be ‘An Angry Young Man,’ but I think that I am allowed to be a concerned older man." Brigham concluded. "World problems concerning arms dealing, money laundering, illegal immigration and terrorism, are all connected. Citizens turn a blind eye to the activities of terrorists like Al Quada and ISIL, because after years of media bombardment they have become sick of it. My books introduce these unsettling facts, but I surround them with good old fashioned murder, mystery and well thought out fiction, in order to stimulate their interest, and very often to explain to readers, how it is done."

Readers have praised his latest crime novel. One stated, "I am an ex cop - he must of done a lot of research to get so many things right. I felt when reading Abduction that Patrick was relating an investigation, he actually carried out." Another said, "Abduction - An Angel Over Rimini is an entertaining, gripping, and also an astonishing Europol procedural read, making you want to read more. I was drawn into the story right away. I felt close to Michael Lambert and his way of analysing and detecting. All relevant characters became pretty real. Abduction - An Angel Over Rimini is a good read for mystery fans, readers who like surprises, and apparent coincidences."

Patrick Brigham is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Books are available at Amazon, Amazon.UK, Smashwords and at his website. More information is available at Patrick Brigham's website.

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