Sunday 1 September 2013

Murder Mystery: Judas Goat - The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery (Nine)

How would I describe my style of writing?

I have a descriptive writing style that is usually punctuated by dialog, when the action stops. Description means action to me, and conversations are generally about confrontation, interrogation or conclusion, but it is also about relationships, and of love and hate.

What do I read and what has influenced me?

I would say that I am a somewhat varied reader. Tired of the classics, I tend to read eclectically, but still like Laurie lee and read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll each year. Then of course there are those 'pure' English detectives who define Agatha Christie's writing, and there is Herman Cyril McNeil, Joseph Conrad, Hemingway and Jack Higgins. But also I well remember J.D. Salinger and Saul Bellow as my early introduction to American literature.

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