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‘Without spoiling the story, ‘Herodotus’ is something between the plot of an old James Bond movie, complete with bungling foreign spy masters and political intrigue, and an introspective Russian novel. There is a colourful cast of characters, a smattering of intrigue and plenty of detailed description to really allow the reader to experience the hopes and aspirations of a somewhat pompous, and aspiring, British middle class. In fact, it is this ‘experiencing’ which makes this book better. The reader is taken on a journey complete with tastes, smells, scenes and experiences, almost reminiscent of a good travel guide. Along the way, we share these experiences with characters whose personal situation all too often hints at some degree of mental illness. Cleverly chosen character names add to the sense of satirical irony throughout the story. Herodotus’ is humour, satire and a witty commentary on both the downward political spiral in certain former Communist countries and the smug, foolish, baseless superiority of the west’ By R.P.Rochford (Format:Kindle edition) Amazon Verified.

‘Great read!! Judas Goat, another cracker from Patrick Brigham. I couldn’t put it down for long without wondering what was going to happen to the Reading policeman next. Very colourful and vivid characters. Well done!!’ By Badger – Amazon Verified Purchase
‘I simply loved Judas Goat, once I had started the book, I could not put it down, easy reading, great plot.’ By Suziegrif – Amazon Verified Purchase
‘Judas Goat & The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery, is quite different in genre from Patrick Brigham’s previous publications, as he rows through a range from the river waters of Oxford to the high seas, narrating a story that is a murder mystery and more. Judas Goat is a much more complex work than Herodotus (his previous novel) and devotes just a part – however significant – of its scenes, to a visit to Sofia by a Thames Valley detective, investigating the killing of a man, identified as previously having been an English-language editor-in-chief in Sofia. Kudos to Brigham for pulling off these two novels, though,which achieve the feat of inspiring curiosity about the views of others who read them, as I have no doubt about recommending that they should.’ By Clive Leviev-Sawyer – Editor in Chief of The Sofia Globe

‘I received a copy of Judas Goat from the author for an honest review. A historic political Thriller, the author pictured Thames Valley, Reading with such beauty that I was astonished, capturing the imagination of this place I have never heard before, until now. In the picturesque setting, a boat immersed with blaring music and a quiet occupant, in other words a dead person. From here, the story starts to unfold as we met the different characters. The main character, Chief inspector Lambert from the Thames valley police really impressed me. He was a dedicated and well-respected officer that loved police work. Many interesting political facts became known which involved many countries, including South Africa, England and Bulgaria. As the investigation proceeds, it became a case far bigger than the normal crime in Thames Valley. Pushed to the limit the skills of the detective were tried. A very well researched and suspenseful story, a must read for people who like political crime stories. Well done Patrick Brigham a very good en authenticated story of the specific time in history.’ By Paul (Format: Kindle Edition) – Amazon Verified.

‘I found ‘JUDAS GOAT’ to be an excellent combination of a loveable, believable, detective and a worthy conundrum-crime. I found the domestic development of a marriage implosion very well done and slow drip. The procedural elements smack of realism – For the first time in one of these books, I felt like an investigator working on a case, it was that real, I knew these fellows. The central character, Chief Inspector Michael Lambert unravels a murder case without gimmicks, and no Columbo. ‘JUDAS GOAT’ is a snapshot of real police work. The way everyone relates to each other, smacks of someone who knows this world really well, and is probably a cop. I think there is a lot of the real man, the author, in this book. If he told me he was an ex cop I would accept it readily. That he is beyond doubt a excellent writer, I don’t have to be a sleuth to work out, “It is elementary Dear Watson.”’ By Jim Loftus Format: Kindle Edition.
Well written. Well conceived. Dynamite Plot. One of the finest books I’ve read in a while. By Bill Cronin Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Patrick Brigham’s latest book, Abduction: An Angel over – Rimini, is a carefully researched crime novel, which intertwines two stories: that of the detective who is the lead character; who discovers a skeleton in the cupboard of his own family, and that of the abduction itself. The two plots are brought together by a slightly improbable coincidence, but no matter: the author’s eye for detail brings the atmosphere and the environment to life throughout the book, as it follows the detective’s investigation through Italy and Greece, punctuated by what one suspects might be a weakness of the author himself: good, exquisitely seasoned meals, and fine wines. The book is as mouth-watering as it is entertaining!’ By Mark Bossanyi Format: Paperback

‘With Abduction – An Angel Over Rimini, Patrick Brigham has created a compelling story of a Europol DCI utilising his long-time Reading experience to solve a crime, and uncover neglect in local police procedures. Abduction – An Angel Over Rimini, is an entertaining, gripping, and also astonishing Europol procedural read, making you want to read more. I was drawn into the story right away. I felt close to DCI Michael Lambert and his way of analysing and detecting. All relevant characters became pretty real. Abduction – An Angel Over Rimini is a good read for mystery fans, readers who like surprises, and apparent coincidences.This is a book to read again.’ By Karen O on Format: Kindle Edition

In The Dance of Dimitrios, it is the third time out for DCI Michael Lambert, whom we have followed on his detective work in two of Patrick Brigham’s previous crime novels, as Europol’s Lambert, is brought into a case that is prefaced with the personal descent into tragedy of the title character, and then what seems to be just another death of a woman trafficked through illegal migration – a death that would be meaningless to a largely uncaring world and the dubious chief of police in a countryside Greek small town community.

But the dead woman is somewhat less than a statistic, but the engine of the piece as it becomes clear she was a cantankerous British expat retiree whose career had spanned international journalism – with some significant espionage on the side, and a later-life pursuit as…a crime novelist. The journey of Lambert, partnered again with noble Greek police officer Electra Boulos, spans from Greece to Sofia’s capital Bulgaria, to Turkey and to strained conversations between straight-arrow former army officer and latter-day Europol detective Lambert and a snooty guardian of Britain’s intelligence establishment.

Brigham assembles quite an ensemble of characters, well-drawn and credibly portrayed each in their own way, from – among others – the police of various countries to the ruthless and amoral denizens of the worlds of people-trafficking and terrorism, to unfold by careful degrees his tale that progresses steadily from a world that hints to that of Zorba to a real world of the worst perils of the 21st century. And not, by the way, without a few humorous sidelights about the world of books and publishing.

The author of his previous Judas Goat: The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery, and Abduction: An Angel over Rimini, has us engaged all the way, with a final tease as to Lambert’s future. After the enthralling enjoyment of The Dance of Dimitrios, one can but hope that we shall be following Lambert’s footsteps at least once more. Clive Leviev-Sawyer, Editor-in-Chief, The Sofia Globe

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